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Excellence in Implantology

Course Objectives:

·       Gain proficiency in diagnosis and treatment planning

·       Master the restorative steps for a posterior dental implant

·       Transform restorative decision-making and execution into a simple and easy process

·       Learn how to avoid or manage complications

·       Learn how to gain patient acceptance for dental implant treatment


Course Overview:


Session  1

·        Dental Implants, the standard of care

·        Indications/Contraindications for dental implants

·        Cement vs screw retained restorations

·        Options for replacing a missing tooth

·        Diagnosis and treatment planning

·        Clinical examples

·        Treatment acceptance

·        Informed consent


Session 2

·        Review of restorative options

·        Surgical guides

·        Biomechanics and occlusion in implant dentistry

·        Case presentations from participants

·        Treatment plan/case work-ups with faculty

·        Instruction for surgical preparation


Session 3

·        Impression techniques

·        Cement vs screw retained restorations

·        Provisionalization

·        NobelProcera

·        Restorative workshop/Hands-on

·        Patient treatment status

·        Basic patient communication concepts


Session 4

·        Avoiding or managing complications

·        Dental implant maintenance

·        Final case presentation



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November 8, 2013 - Nobel Biocare Symposium


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